Saturday, January 26, 2013

Keith Richards arrested for stealing Telecaster (wink, wink)

Keef, No!

And things were going so well...

OK, not that Keith Richards. From the Crime Report in today's Record Courier daily newspaper, Portage County, Ohio, Jan. 26, 2013:

Keith L.Richards, 22, with a last known address of 8937 S.R. 88, was arrested Jan. 22 and charged with theft, a first-degree misdemeanor. Richards allegedly stole a Fender Telecaster electric guitar from its owner on July 31, 2012, with intent of selling it, according to the Portage County Sheriff's Office.

The RC Crime Report is pay-walled so I can't provide a direct link, unfortunately.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I write the Crime Report for the RC and somehow missed the significance of this until an eagle-eyed reader pointed it out.

    Dave O'Brien